[KoreaTechDesk] Korean startup’s creation ‘Blessed Moon Kit’ is a compact makeup kit that every woman would want to own

Modern women love their makeup kits, but to carry most makeup stuff is not a fun task. The many lipsticks, eye liners, eye shades, etc can be misplaced easily. A small handy makeup kit, is always what most women would desire. Korean startup Blessed Moon has just the answer to that – with their cute pocket-size makeup kit.


Makeup essentials in a compact, portable box


The startup, launched by a makeup lover CEO Eunbin Moon, has created a little kit with all makeup essentials that most women use daily -concealer, cheek blush, eye shadow, lip stick and eyeliner compactly fitted in it. The Blessed Moon Kit’s size is compact and portable like a smartphone. The most interesting feature of the kit is that the woman can customize the makeup the way she likes. The kit is a sliding open case, which makes it easy to refill once any makeup is finished.


The startup has displayed the Blessed Moon Kit across the world in exhibitions in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, USA, Canada, etc. The company has got many clienteles through the promotional events. The company has been selling the kit on domestic and international marketplace platforms like Coupang, Memebox, Amazon, Yesstyle, Qoo10, etc. The kit is currently priced at $40 on Amazon.


Future goal to develop more innovative beauty products


The company has raised $9836 in crowdfunding on Wadiz and has got awards for innovation in the beauty product market. Blessed Moon is also working to develop an application where big data is used to refer the customer about suitable makeup color to match their skin tone and they also get an opinion from influencers regarding it before the purchase. The startup’s goal is to continually research and contribute to the beauty industry through the trendiest and useful products like Blessed Moon Kit.


BY JAMES JUNG March 19, 2020 in Marketplaces & E-commerce