The Blessed Moon together with World Vision, work toward building school in India

By: Mijin Han 



Blessed Moon, a customizable cosmetic brand, delivered news of a donation to build a school in Kota, India.

Through the 'Blessed Moon Kit', 'Fluffy Lip Tint', 'Vita Kit', and 'Like A Shadow' projects that were held at the crowdfunding site Wadiz for 3 months, donation worth around 10 million won was made.

The donation will be used for the construction of schools in Kota, India, where the educational environment is at its worst. Along with World Vision, and through this donation, a total of three changes are expected to come to children in Kota.

First, “environmental change” can be expected. Six classrooms will be built in three schools and a child protection system and summer school will be implemented. Then “teacher & parent change” will occur by creating a teacher and parent network and parent-teacher committee, and build mutual understandings. Lastly, there is a “content change” that provides textbooks tailored to the community and an effective language education curriculum.

Regarding the donation, Blessed Moon official said, “We decided to make this donation for children who are desperate and are still unable to read and write properly in a developing country, such as the case of the Malawi Kanamwari School and the Ethiopia literacy improvement project". She expressed her sincere gratitude to all the supporters, and she said that she will continue to communicate with and serve in the underprivileged areas and become a “Blessed Moon”.

She added, “The Blessed Moon' will take the lead with our supporters so that all children around the world can live in a blessed environment.”


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