Vitamin Eye Cream VITA KIT #EYE KIT Sold out again.

Cosmetic brand BLESSED MOON announced on the 26th that vitamin eye cream VITA KIT #EYE KIT was sold out with their 7th mass production.
VITA KIT, a BLESSED MOON Skin Care line, achieved a total funding rate of 27,483% through Wadiz crowdfunding. In addition, the number of real-time viewers exceeded 5,000 on Naver Shopping Live broadcast.
BLESSED MOON's #EYE KIT contains concentrated vitamins for skin beauty With increases the capacity and lowers the price, VITA KIT allows customers to apply eye cream to the entire face to manage not only the eye area but also the neck, forehead, nasolabial folds, and neck wrinkles at once.
Due to vulnerable nature of the vitamin to oxidation, VITA KIT creams are packed in individual capsules. New capsule each day is easy-to-use and it's very hygienic way to supply fresh vitamin nutirents.
An official from the company annouced, “BLESSED MOON’s VITA KIT has now sold over 1 million units.